come along as we chop this '40 Mercury oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

ooooooooooooooooooooooo following in the footsteps of the heroes of the trade



as preparation clean out the interior and brace the body to reduce possible flex


measure and mark the cuts - here we use tape and marker to get straight cuts


these are 5" in the front and 9" to be cut out of the c-pillar


then it takes a brave soul to start cutting with saw and angle grinder


cutting free the rear window, which is going to be reused as one piece


improvised roof support helps when the last pillar is cut


then the roof goes back on and is tacked at the a-posts


watch for correct width in relation to window channel when tacking c-pillar


and then it's high time for some test sitting


but beer crate seat proved too high for unhindered straight ahead visibility


next windscreen top frame is cut lose and moved up about two inches


watch for smoldering fires in noise insulation mats


rear window is cut loose and simply tilted forward into slightly bent up roof


cardboard patterns show three dimensional curve around the back of the roof


and then it's time to call it a day and stand back in awe!


next there's the task of getting the flow of the rear right


by patching in panels and a bunch of filler pieces (eventually cut out again)


because better: get your hands on an English wheel and start rollin'


a little practice will get you smooth flowing curves


the roof filler pieces are welded


vent window frame is also in the making as is the B-post


stainless steel window frames need special welder to be put back into shape


narrow b-pillar makes for slick profile


be a butcher


so cool


to be continued!