presented by your TV host Flocki



and here's the step-by-step chopping guide

measuring and marking where to cut

putting in some bracing is helpful if you want doors to close on your chopped ride

making nice straight cuts along the marks

relief cuts so the A-pillars can be bent outwards slightly

four... three... two... one... zero, Houston, we have lift off

don't lose your head at this stage

somebody's lost something?

next is cutting off the pillar pieces

not a lot to cut, really

using a saw makes for clean cuts

that's how much went out

let's see how it fits

okay, not bad

but something's not right along the rear

so some more measuring is needed

off goes the roof again and some more grinding is done

and still more

try again

this time it fits snugly

tacking the A-pillars

tacking the C-pillars

put on your welding gear and go for it

welding the A-pillars solid and rebuilding the slightly slanted B-posts

and you're almost done, sorta kinda like...

if it weren't for the trickiest bit - the rear window area

which requires some serious cutting before anything can be trial fit

lower rear panel now free to move but like this the curves won't work

more metal around the package tray area is removed

until finally the whole window frame is cut out

and welded back in higher to keep the flow of the roofline

chopped rear window is now up, closer to the curve in the top

next is patching all the little holes

and then on to the million and one details, like the inner window frames...

perfect - why? - because it looks as if it shoulda looked like this when fresh from the factory

click pic to see the pro shots


or follow the pickup truck to see her painted